Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The travelling prayer mat

Staring at my prayer mat during taraweeh i cannot help but wonder what it would say if it could speak. Strange? But heres why. This particular prayer mat wasnt always mine. Last year when i was packing for hajj, i couldn't find a lightweight, thin prayer mat to take with me. My mom who had travelled from overseas to watch my kids while i would be away, offered me hers.. and so it began. This mat i used all through my hajj journey, whether it was in my accommodation or in the haram.. it was perfectly weightless. I even carried it to mina with me. Turned out many of the women in my camp hadnt brought theirs and at every salah atleast 10 women would use my mat. And now here it is at taraweeh with me being used by many besides me. So you see why i wonder what it would say! Oh Allah let it all be an evidence in my favor and of my parents. Ameen!


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  2. I'm sure the first thing it would say is ask you when you are taking it back to where it was last year :)